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Winter SW USA Travel [Jan. 1st, 2010|05:25 pm]
Anything about travelling welcome here!!



So, after a few twists and turns to my winter break itinerary, a road trip has been planned. I've heard wonderful things about traveling in the southwest of the US in the winter, with the cooler temperatures to hike in, and then the frost and even snow upon the red and yellow rock formations, so that's the plan! We (being my boyfriend and I) will be departing Las Vegas, and we hope to meander down through Arizona, something like Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Phoenix (friends live there), Tucson and down into Bisbee, and then driving out to San Diego. Anyone have any particular suggestions on places to explore and hike? Love the outdoors, but quirky towns and historical sights are also welcome additions to our itinerary. We can also take tangents into New Mexico and Utah if anyone can make a good case as to why they're awesome to visit in the winter. ^.^ I've been through the SW in the summer before, but I'm really looking for places that will be especially awesome in the winter (especially now that the hordes of tourists are gone.)