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South Africa [Apr. 14th, 2009|11:57 am]
Anything about travelling welcome here!!


Hey hey.

I'm off back to the beautiful country that is South Africa this summer and was hoping for some destination advice. I spent 3 months there a few years ago, working out of Tzaneen in Limpopo provence. This time round I will be returning there for 6 weeks as well as spending 4 weeks in Hoedspruit working in Daktari Conservation School. However in order to get the cheapest flights I have ended up with 3 days between finishing my work at the school and flying home. As far as I can tell I can only fly to Jo'burg from Hoedspruit (Although I'm not fussed if I end up with a bus journey)

So, I will have visited Kruger many times by this point, so don't want to spend my few extra days there. Do I fly back to Jo'burg and spend 3 dyas in the city? Not generally much of a city girl, so the idea doesn't entirely appeal. Does anyone know of anywhere just outside Jo'burg that I could stay? When I say just outside I could manage about a 4 hour bus journey, as long as it doesn't cost too much! Or even just a nice hostel a little way out with enough walking/wildlife to keep me entertained?

The alternative is staying in Hoedspruit for a few days. As far as I can tell its not the hugest place in the world, would i find enough to do? How does it compare to Tzaneen (I assume its smaller??) or is there anywhere nice on the translux route back to Jo'burg?

Thats all for now, any advice you have is great, even if it doesn't quite match what I've asked for, I can be flexible!!!